Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Loaves and Fishes 2019

There were not a thousand people
The loaves were Kashi bars
But two souls were enough
To make a parable alive

My scheduled transportation
Was woefully behind
I feared I’d never make it
For my appointment time

The Senior Transportation
Called my doctor to report
Their snarled-up situation
With a promise I’d get there

My driver finally showed
I hopped in and we sped off
I arrived there the very time
My appointment was to end

When Dan my driver dropped me off
He said with warmth and cheer
Now he could get some lunch
And all because of me

My doctor’s visit over
Dan came to take me home
Puzzled I inquired what he had for lunch
He said he’d bought a drink

The one dollar contribution
Passengers hand over for our rides
Could not have bought a proper meal
Surely Dan was hungry still

My purse contained two Kashi bars
A snack I carry “just in case”
With great delight shared by us both
I put them in Dan’s hands.

I’ve long made monetary gifts
To feed the hungry everywhere
No gift touched my soul like this
And paid me back a thousand-fold


Dungeon Prompt – Why do You Blog? A Gift Beyond Measure

It began Mother’s Day 2014.
One son suggested out of the blue
Why not blog? Just the thing for you
Collector of stories and a writer to boot.

Another son offered his gift to me
Put me in touch with his pre-teenage son
New WordPress blogger and ready to teach
Showed me the ropes and Cronechronicler was born.

The very first gift begat many more.
Writing 101 turned a golden key
Opened a well and a geyser poured forth
Words, stories, feelings filling up posts.

My third son was first to read and comment
Mom, you’re a writer – you’ve got good stuff
Just do your homework and you’ll make the grade.
Little did we four know where this would lead.

As I continued to write day by day
Words shaping images marched on the page
Meters the drumbeat gave old stories new form
Something else was afoot, a poet was born.

Mysterious gift heartfelt thanks I do owe
Seeds of words planted a lifetime ago
Blossoms exotic, some quite common-place
Given to me to abundantly share.

You ask why I blog?
Simple reply.
I write out of joy
Expect nothing less.

Written in response to Dungeon Prompt: Why Do You blog?