Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Uncertain Poetry

Sometimes poetry seems to defy
Difficult moments of everyday life
Times can be raw and hard to express
Days I keep things close to my chest

Daughter-in-law tomorrow set to begin
Long months of chemo to battle breast cancer
Son and grandchildren holding up well
Support from neighbors a loving bulwark

Family draws close at tenuous time
Grateful for many who help share the load
Love, prayer and food provide nourishment
Hope for the future sustains us all


Haiku: Morning Song

Clock ticks day begins
Candle flickers as I pray
Peace for all on Earth


Haiku: Grace Note

A shocking pink sky
Glories Thanksgiving morning
May God grant us peace


Haiku: Good Morning, Wednesday

Candle light flickers
Empty coffee cup still warm
Meditation done


Haiku: Elemental Partners

Earth air water fire
Basic elements surround
While I mediate

Candle flame and air
Unite, earth feeds potted plant
Thriving green nearby

Hot water coffee
Stirred, make brew to waken me
Prayers reach heavenward


Communal Candles

This morning when I went to church I was not handed the usual bulletin for the worship service. Following the events of the past week we were gathered to lament the acts of blind hatred and fear that have pierced our nation’s heart. Like spontaneous expressions of grief pictured in the daily newspapers and online we lit candles in silence, shed our tears, prayed and sang. A young black boy was sitting close to me. I wept to think of what his future might be just because of the color of his skin. I grieve for the soul of America. I’m thankful for a time to pray and cry with other people. And to feel a flickering of hope.


Haiku: Gift

Pre-dawn howling wind
Candle flickers warm inside
Odd my soul at peace.


Clipped Wings

Bright hopes tarnished unfulfilled
Time for letting go of vows
Moving on from being two
Decided then to live as one.
I prayed only to be free.

Made new home to start again
City of my children’s birth
Loving space for family
My grandchildren came to play.
I sighed and breathed in peace.

Still I traveled heart’s desire
Fired with energy explored
Tried on other ways of life
Filled to brim cup overflowed.
My heart filled with gratitude.

Three short years passed
My wings are clipped
Spirit strong, body weak
Old dreams drained.
What now?

Morning dawns and I awake
Day offers me an empty slate
To fill with possibility
Surprises fresh abound for me.
And so I pray for joy.


Haiku: Energy Replacement

Clock ticks, candle burns
I sit in my chair to pray
God’s grace fills my soul.

Batteries for clock
Extra candles on the shelf
God’s love fuels me.