Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: A New Leaf

Bare branches lovely
Fingers sketching on dawn sky
Blank slate of new year


Writing 101- Resetting

Starting over is basic to solving computer problems. I restart my computer to clear confused loops. When my TV stops streaming a movie I unplug router and modem and count to fifteen. My printer can’t talk to my computer. Unplugging clears the way. I wish we could re-set our world.


How My Blog Began

It was a Mother’s Day gift of sorts. One of my sons said, “Mom, since you have lots of stories to tell and you can write, why don’t you start a blog?” The idea set off a spark in me. Another son called to wish me Happy Mother’s Day. When I related the earlier conversation about a blog, he echoed his brother’s enthusiasm and passed the phone to his son, who had recently begun a blog of his own. My eleven year old grandson walked me through setting up my blog on Word Press. I wrote my first post about “wanting to become an original” and my third son contributed his Comment. It all began as a family affair – on Mother’s Day, of all days.

It did not turn out to be just your grandmother’s blog I’m happy to say, though Educating Grandma (in relation to my grandchildren) is one of my prime categories. I had no grand ideas but I did have a couple of stories that begged to be told and more waiting in the wings. I look back and recognize that one of my early posts holds the seeds of my writing today.

I was in California at a hotel overlooking a huge field where tulip bulbs had previously bloomed in a glory of flowers and colors. The field now lay fallow, and pregnant with a message for me. I sat on a balcony overlooking the field and breathed in its spirit. The brown field looked bare and yet held all that was necessary to produce something beautiful. The field had power to receive seeds and bulbs and nurture their inbuilt power to bloom. That is what my writing is to me. I am fallow in the later years of my life and need do nothing more than write. The stories are imbedded in my feelings and memories. The words follow from my stories and do their magic to shape my thoughts into communication. I’ve learned that poetry is a gift of mine long buried. I love the economy of poetry. I see how one word demands another to create the warp, while meter makes the words march along to weave the woof of poetry’s fabric.

When my blog began, I hadn’t formed an idea of where I would end up. Writing 101 is my foundation. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t by reading other bloggers’ posts and by taking in their Comments to each other and to me. I’ve learned to take a different perspective on assignments when my experience doesn’t yield inspiration on the subject. I’ve gone from day to day. Sometimes I feel self confident and affirmed in my writing. Also I’ve had moments of wondering if I’m at the end of this adventure and then I can’t imagine where I’m headed. Always there appears a breakthrough to get me going again – in someone’s Comment to me, through an experience or interaction in the “real world” that provides a story for at least one more day, or when the Daily Prompt presents something that unlocks my creative flow. I’m learning to trust that my gift lives inside. And I trust the presence of this community of bloggers to fertilize my imagination with their gifts and amazing writings and photos.

My sons planted the seed of my blog. Their belief that I have stories to tell and can write is being borne out. That’s a solid beginning. However, that’s only the beginning. None of us could have known that for me writing is pure joy. I have uncovered a purpose in my life that has lain dormant for a very long time. Writing centers me and gives meaning to who I am.