Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: Weather Tidings

No pink stripes in sky
No technicolor morning
Gray and somber day


Reader Directions

A question. When I was cronechronicler all my posts were published on the Reader. Now that I have changed to poetrybyheart.me I appear only in Reader conversations. I have had no luck searching the usual way – if any such thing still exists. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks.


January Days

I wake up to dreary skies
And breakfast to sun beams 
Who knows what the hours may bring
Time's a bumpy ride

One thing I do know
Love and joy survive
Healing balm to soothe our wounds
This road may surprise 


Meet My New Name

As Cronechronicler
I ran into a problem
Difficult to solve

Vivachange 77
Wandered off her dark blue grid
To one of pale pink

Skipping odd details
A strange change was the result
Blog has a new name

On the blue background
Welcomes my readers

Please don't be put off
By different Gravatar
It's still the same me



Haiku: At First Blush

Rosy streaks at dawn
Fingers gently turn the page
Promise brighter day


Unintentional Innovation

Yesterday I wrote a post named “My New Normal”. It told the story of my progress with macular degeneration and a recent defining episode which is having a positive impact on my understanding. The published post showed up on an older version of Cronechronicler that has a pale pinkish background. Early on I switched to the same design with a dark blue background that I have used ever since.

I have spent hours asking WordPress for help in getting my post back to my current blog design. It doesn’t seem to be in their lists of requests and solutions. I am writing this as a test post to see where it goes.

P.S. Success! With the help of a Happiness Engineer I’m making headway. At least I have a Gravatar retrieved from a cache I used to have access to and has now been revived.


New Day On Horizon

Fireworks and loud booms
Herald possible promise
Love, peace and good will


Spirit of 2022

A dawning New Year
Covid yet lurks among us
People still party 

Merry Christmas 2021

This has been a strange, difficult and oddly wonderful year.

My children and grandchildren have worn masks and still taken a few trips to distant places that practiced social distancing. I’ve worn a mask and walked around the block.

This year college has been the center of attention. Bobby will graduate this year. He is a fabulous cook and stars with Linda cooking family holiday meals. He thinks he would like to make a career of food. James is intent on working with machinery. This summer he made a beautiful guitar out of wood.

Kieran decided to leave the frigid Minneapolis winters and go to a school in California. He is studying theater crafts. Donovan says he is launching himself. He and Rama are proud of him. Leela is thinking of going East when her time comes to pick a college. She has continued her dancing for years. She enjoys creating innovating activities for children.

Aidan is a senior and has decided to go to The Cleveland Institute of Art. He has been more of an engineer for years and has made top grades. During COVID he took a virtual art class and decided to explore a different path. Mia is her fun-loving busy self. She continues to be involved in acting. Ohio State University looks like a good fit for her

Bob has a new job as an Expert Witness for a lawyer. Mainly he works at fixing up their house to sell. He and Linda want to move South nearer her family. Linda is still a realtor. Donovan has a new job supervising zoning at the county level. Rama remains a professor at St. Thomas University in Minneapolis. Fred has a new job as a driver for Amazon. He loves exploring parts of Cleveland he didn’t know existed. His Linda is with her small industrial importing company. She offered me her wonderful technological skills to help get my new tablet running so I can watch movies on Netflix.

As for me I had knee replacement surgery in August and am almost as good as new. My siblings Sally, Brooke, Carl and I now Zoom regularly. For me all the newness going on in my family is a wonder.

Best wishes for a blessed holiday and a safe New Year.


A Celestial Two-fer

Standard time arrived
Early morning coffee time
Lit by bright sunshine

On the other hand
Time to close the blinds at dusk
Charmed by sight of moon