Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Writing 201: Poetry – Landscape – Kaleidoscope of Seasons and Senses

The scene out my window is always changing.
Last week I saw smoke upward ascending
Tinted pink by the dawn’s rosy fingers.
White winter snow like wedding cake icing
Delights my eye, I forget that it’s freezing
Outdoors. Sunset comes early, soon sky’s like ink
Forms perfect backdrop for the traffic light’s winking.
Green, yellow and red constantly changing.

I know spring is a teaser. It hurries right past.
Birdsong and green buds, smells of the earth
Hold proverbial promises of endless warm days
To fulfill my winter’s wishes – as if they could.
Spring is a teaser.

Then “endless summer” fills up my senses – enticing smells
Of barbecue grilling and cheerful sounds of families talking.
After the picnics I hear the beep-beeping of garbage trucks
Backing as they pick up the trash. I hear the splashing
Of children at play in blue swimming pool water. Up above
I watch as squirrels scamper across a canopy of branches
In oak trees arching. I eagerly await their newborns to appear.
But then summer ends.

Fall. Acorns are dropping from oaks overhead. It sounds like
Artillery as they strike the ground. I hear the geese honking
As they fly somewhere warm. Nips in the air feel fresh and bracing.
I’ve developed amnesia of what they portend. Instead I am basking
In glow of leaves turning. Until they fall.


Writing 201: Poetry – Ode – To A Passport

You are my magic carpet, my open sesame.
You lend wings to soar to cities only dreamed about.
You hold keys to doors of other cultures.
Oh, small book, you spread a wide new world before my eyes.

Within your pages are the records
Of all the places I have visited abroad.
You hold records also of my different names and addresses
As I’ve traversed my inner landscape and learned how to be free.


Writing 201: Poetry – Prose Poem – What If ?

Tissue paper crackles, tired smile wrinkles deepen on her care-worn face. Her eyes sparkle and tremble with tears as she unwraps tiny figures from another time and space. Long ago she stored them away with her childhood. Today long pushed-down stories float to the surface. Daydreams of narrations she authored wake up. She stirs the cold ashes and recalls to mind stories she wrote for the figures she holds in her hands. They were the actors who played out her fantasies when she asked and answered “if only, what if?”.


Writing 201: Poetry – Elegy – The # 6 Bus

I travel back, close my eyes, see you dimly
Pumpkin awaiting, mice all in harness.
You carried me dashing to the dance of a lifetime
Where I was transformed, but not by a prince.

Though tears mist my memories I’ll never forget you.
You showed me a city of people and places
That changed me forever, filled me with adventure.
That person enduring still dreams within me.

In beaming sunshine of nowadays I see us.
I moved away and travel a new route.
You haven’t changed much. I’d know you anywhere
Chicago Transportation, the #6 bus.


Writing 201: Poetry – Concrete Poetry – Blue Bottle Fly

                                              Like blue sky
                                               Above me
                                               My color
                                               Is bright.
                                             I'm a creature
                                           Who flies and who  
                                         Buzzes and hums until  
                                        People with swatters and
                                       Horse with a tail swats and
                                       Swish at me to little avail.
                                      I want to be seen as a gift of
                                     Sheer beauty. My wings shimmer
                                     And shine in the light. Now how
                                     Can they look at my iridescence
                                    And think me a nuisance and blight?

Writing 201:Poetry-Limerick-Old Lady’s Lament

Jettison January. Banish the blizzard.
I want to be spell-bound by a warm weather wizard.
Whisked backwards in time
It would be sublime
To loaf on a rock like a sun-loving lizard.


Writing 201:Poetry – Haiku On Being Mortal

Ocean waves of fear
Flooding thoughts of freedom lost.
Tears fall on my heart.