Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Everyday Inspiration Day Ten: World Outside My Window

Autumn is here and things are a-changing.
At the Greenbriar Apartments that I call my home
I look out at the patio beyond my window
Turquoise tarp covers swimming pool water
Fallen bright yellow leaves drift on tarp’s surface
Swimmers of Summer now only a memory.

Close to my window a tall oak tree my companion
Observers of animal traffic we notice
Squirrels stocking up run along oak tree’s branches
Gathering acorns not yet fallen and leaves for a nest
Below chipmunks scurry toward plant borders for hiding.

Today there’s no sun the air is still
Nobody’s lazing in a lawn chair hoping
To feel warmth while it lasts.
Befuddled wild geese who live here year round
Fly overhead circle back to their pond
Winter’s not here yet. We enjoy this day


Haiku: Broken GPS

Geese fly overhead
Honking autumn ritual
Nature’s sure bequest

Geese fly by again
Making circle back to pond
Now their year-round home

Ghost of memory
Inner compass says go South
GeeseĀ forgot the way


Haiku: Cacophany

Cricket’s lullaby
Honking geese herald the fall
Music to my ears