Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Where Is Everything?

Nothing looks the same

An April Fool’s surprise

Word Press gone awry?



Looking for answers in I took in the new scope of today’s blog world. Maybe you have already discovered that the mission of WordPress is to help business-focused people develop their creative ideas and attract customers and followers. I applaud their mission. But what about people who love words and writing as an end in themselves? And us who look forward to reading their posts?

I have struggled so to figure out how to manage the new editor. I have spent time chatting with a Happiness Engineer about my problems with only a small result. For me writing and struggling with technology at the same time are an unworkable combination. I would rather live poetry in my experience of things in the present than write with the frustration of technology bearing down on me. And, yes, I am showing my age.


Haiku: Morning Music

Birds singing early
Car tires whooshing on asphalt
Laptop keys tapping


Haiku: Going Wireless

Computer’s dying
One more dire adjustment
Nothing seems the same

A little laptop
New writing companion
I won’t miss the wires.


Haiku: Constructive Possibilities

Tuck pointer drills squeal
Attack old crumbling mortar
Banish the raindrops
No longer mop ups
No towels on window sills
All's well for a time
Ancient skills remind
In midst of present chaos
Hope for new outcomes





Haiku: Life In the Time of Covid-19

Wind howls like Winter
Blooming trees herald Springtime
My window sole view


Musical Accompaniment

Back in the fifties
In my teenage years
Music was all about dancing

We slow-danced and we jitterbugged
Answering rhythms with our feet
Bodies young and happy

Legendary Red Tops band
In the Mississippi Delta
Had a tune which stopped the show

When Rufus McKay sang Danny Boy
Golden trumpet soaring high
We stood still entranced


Fashion Statement

Fringe hangs over my eyes
Now tickles my nose
Neck just a mess
Coiffures in vogue
Indiscriminate styles
Ever since haircuts became


Once Upon a Time

We met again in a magical moment
Forty years later
At our high school reunion
Time suddenly shrunk
To the here and now

We fell in love
For the first time together
We had each traveled that road before
Then sadly reached the end of the journey

Now everything sparkled
Snuggly close and splendid
For a while

Until gauzy distance
Seemed what we preferred


Haiku: New Time Zone

Day without routine
Like a slow dripping faucet
Fills space in due time

Calendar empty
Clock almost irrelevant
I feel oddly free

New problems to solve
Call for creativity
And also good luck

I hit the jackpot
Found browsing Amazon
Large cache of TP