Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Lessons From an Oak Tree

Exercising  knee
Of my new knee replacement 
I ponder future

Oak tree's crimson leaves
Introduce a new topic
Revolving goodness

Leaves come and flourish
Green replaced by bright crimson
Then leaf piles for play

My aging knee gone
Temporarily dormant
Will be good as new


Hurrah For My New Knee!

Hello, folks I’m back

Surgery went very well

Still taking a break



You talked about the turtles

At lunch the other day

I thought about a love

That will not go away

Riches of being family

Old dreams and memories

Joined us at Ben and Jerrys

While we savored rich ice cream

To Bobby on your 22nd birthday

With lots of love from Grandma Ina


Growing Pains

Aging is taking me
On a challenging journey
I need a new right knee

Plan for me now
Is to rigorously exercise
Exchanging my  pain for yet more

The final pain most awful of all
Follows the pain of my  surgeon's knife
Then I'll go dancing again


I last posted four weeks ago. In that time WordPress changed everything again. Or else my COVID19 brain is more flawed than I thought. I was excited to write again after a period of silence. I’m disappointed in WordPress and myself. Anyway I send my apologies for the mess I produced. Best wishes to you stalwart writers.


Grammar Lesson

Night becoming day

Morning punctuation mark

Steaming hot coffee


Transforming Drumbeat

Lately my feet have been dragging
My right knee is almost worn down
Saw doctor about a replacement
Seems I am not ready now

A year has gone by marked by COVID19
Knee hears unconventional  drumbeat 
Its pops and crackles create a weird tune
Without any rhythm at all

Lately I've listened to this cry of alarm
Made an appointment to have things checked out
Began  exploring possible treatments
Tiptoeing to my marching song

I knew  today that I'm moving on
When I was beginning to wonder
 How to check my walker on an airplane
A sign my old zest has returned


Strange New/Old Classic

After receiving expert guidance I think I’m here. But still nothing is familiar. I’ll try to decipher the symbols.

It has a mind of its own not compatible with my writing style. My muse is hiding.


Foggy B(l)ogging

Searching for answers

Classic Editor my question

Still an enigma

Don’t know where to go

Much less how I can get there

Doubtful I’ll arrive


Where Is Everything?

Nothing looks the same

An April Fool’s surprise

Word Press gone awry?