Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: Lazy

Recliner naptime
Sounds of pool water splashing
Summer lullaby


Haiku: Early Dusk

Quiet after rain
Candle glows in darkened room
Lightening fades away


Sea-scapades: Part One

The ocean was quietly rolling
Wonderful day at the beach
Memory of past times beguiling
I walked straight into the surf

Confidant I could still do it
I waded still furtherĀ  out
Wave one and wave two I maneuvered
Wave three was a total rout

I landed flat backwards and splashing
Legs waving high in the air
My son saw me flailing, gave me a hand
Eventually I was upright

I cannot describe my sadness
To face up to this simple loss
I’ve played in the water since childhood
Now I am like a beached whale.


Haiku: In the Beginning

Soil cradles like womb
Life seeds fertile with promise
Blossoms of summer

Daily Prompt: Soil



My AC is broken, not cycling cool air
On this monstrously hot day
Sweat doesn’t cool but reminds me
I’ve a talent to reclaim

Long hot southern summers
With no air conditioning.
A back yard with pecan trees
Taught me how to catch breezes.

I sat by a window not moving a muscle
Getting lost in book-reading
Words were my magic carpet
FanningĀ  air as it flew.

Today by my window
Oak tree leaves transport me
A slight wind brings coolness
Settling round my feet.


Haiku: Revelation

Two flats abandoned
In the patio garden
Sad and neglected

Then one bright morning
Garden peppered with red blooms
Flats nowhere in sight

Plant fairy at work
All is ready for summer
With wave of trowel.


Haiku: Summer Luxury

Cooling elegance
Green oak leaves are fluttering
Fanning the garden

Blue pool slight ripple
Inviting lazy swimmers
Come in water’s fine


Haiku: Stoplight Ahead

Cicadas’ chorus
Sings that summer is ebbing
I want to click pause

Stay a while longer
Savor charms of the season
Before green turns red


Haiku: Seasonal Affliction

First day of summer
Outside eighty-nine degrees
Muse must be dozing.

I can’t keep focus
Have no special intentions
Haiku went fishing.

Daily Prompt: Aimless


Haiku: Promise Delivered

Soft breeze and bright sun
Sounds of birds and lawn mower
Pool water sparkling

Seems like forever
Winds of winter entrapped us
Prisoners to snow.

Now out come swimsuits
Garden furniture beckons
Sweet summer’s arrived.