Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Deja Vu

I never guessed to find
At my age the Youthful Fountain
In a “Life Long Learning” class

Our program is to study
The art of Michelangelo
Freeing life from marble

We began like kindergarteners
With expectant faces seated
Around two tables set up end-to-end

Newsprint was spread before us
And then we all were given
A block of soap and tiny knife

Our instruction was to carve
Whatever we desired
Like Michelangelo, oh dear!

The last assignment and the best
Round the table as we sculpted
We told something of ourselves

I could do without the learning
And spend our class-time weekly
Carving soap and telling stories


Haiku: Artistry of Time

Gray hair silver now
Wrinkles sketch abundant years
Golden-aging’s gifts


Haiku: Alchemy of Aging

Days become more still
Old siren songs grow quieter
New drumbeat sounds now

Amazing freedom
Choreographs day’s tempo
Measured steps suit me

Laughter and lightness
Transform binding to-do lists
To “catch as catch can”

I watch with wonder
Diminishing energy
Re-shapes my desires

Life has new balance
I find joy in small things
Transformed into gold


Haiku: It’s Not What You think

Faded memory
Soft like my old flannel shirt
Comfortable, well-worn

Wrinkled like my face
Old stories adopt new lines
Twice as much to tell


Sisters Saga

I’m closing up shop for a couple of weeks. Tomorrow my sister and I are heading to Mexico to the place where I’ve been vacationing for the past twenty years. This is a first for us. We no longer have husbands and are having an extended girl’s getaway. It will be a fun adventure. I expect to return with some good stories.


Ina’s House

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language
And next year’s words await another voice. T.S. Eliot

For fifty years I’ve claimed the name of Mother
Lately evolving into being Grandma, too.
Always feathering my nest as haven
For those who’ve been entrusted to my love.

I knew joy in tending, teaching, reprimanding
Knew heartbreak when life’s bumps became obstructions.
Felt proud as children became each one a unique person
My days filled always with them as center.

Years passed my sons grew into manhood
Found jobs and wives, gave birth to their own children.
Created homes, developed talents, new directions.
It was amazing to become a matriarch.

I think now sons are where I started
I am moving onward to a different place
Time for me to live with new intentions
Time to cherish days as mine alone.

No longer is my prime identity my sons’ Mother,
My life breadcrumbs to teach my children how to grow and age.
I’m going to savor living in the moment, write my poetry.
My name is Ina and Ina’s house my home.


Haiku: Art of Forgetting

My brain is wrinkled
From much mis-remembering
Things once so well-known

Shadowy landscapes
Appear in uncertainty
When facts fade away

Rich new tales recreating
Child-like comes to play


Haiku: Balancing Act

Janus-faced, two views.
Looking back, gazing ahead
Panoramic sight.

Comes a time in life
Years behind grow numerous
Tilt balance toward past.

Seesaw-like what’s up
View of future, contemplate
Time of less is more.


New Year’s Resolution

Large New Year’s resolutions are not for me.
I maintain direction, intention and goals
While road stretching before me speaks of revelation
New situations and characters joining my journey.
I no longer go solo.

This is a wonder.
The other evening I went to a movie.
Nothing new here but when it was over
My friend quite easily moved from our seats
And on down the steps to head to the door.

She imagined I followed but that was not so.
Left having a struggle with the sleeves of my coat
And unable to see anything in the dark
I decided to wait. Sooner or later
The crowd would thin and I could escape.

Then a kind stranger entered the picture.
I heard a male voice speak quietly behind me.
“Are you ready?” he said. I answered “Yes.”
He shepherded me down to flat floor and safety.
Then disappeared as I expressed thanks.

He must have been a guardian angel.
Just one of several who have shown up lately
There when I need help but not planned for.
It is a different New Year’s resolution
To learn to rely on the kindness of others.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤