Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Gift of a Gloomy Day

Wearied by warm sun and perfect days
Soft rainfall today refreshes me
I think the birds are happy, too
Singing mid morning in the dripping trees

It’s like a crystal goblet’s ding
Reminding of glass blower’s artistry
Wisdom of Creation knows us well
To drink it in requires yin and yang


Perfectly Imperfect: A Post-Script

The New Year is fast upon us – time to wrap up Christmas loose ends. In a post on Dec. 17 I wrote about accidentally having my out-of-town grandchildren’s gifts which I ordered online shipped to me. I was feeling awful because I feared they would now not receive their presents in time to open them Christmas morning. When the box of gifts finally was delivered to me I realized I was presented with a delightful opportunity. I could open the box and wrap their presents. I have a standing rule not to pay the (ridiculous, I think) fees stores charge for gift wrapping. I give myself latitude to let my grandchildren think bare, unwrapped Christmas gifts are a quirky trait of their grandmother. Now I would have the fun of rummaging around in my wrapping paper drawer and producing glittery ribbon and bright red and green paper and surprising them.

While I was in the drawer I discovered another gift to include in the box destined for my grandchildren. When my three sons were little I made each a felt Christmas stocking from a kit. They were all different because I made them in different years when different kits were available. Though I am not a seamstress I applied myself to attaching sequins, gold braid, felt applique Christmas trees and a felt figure of a child unique to each of the three stockings. The Christmas stocking in my wrapping paper drawer belonged to my son, father of the grandchildren whose toys I was wrapping. His stocking had his name on it, the only stocking with that feature. It had small stuffed figures hanging from crossed sticks like a puppet master’s. The figures were a doll, a hobby-horse and a train engine. For all the years after my sons left home – without the stockings – I have hung them up at Christmas wherever I lived. Even when I did not have a fireplace or a mantle, I found creative ways to hang the stockings. They were a link to my children who were now scattered. When I moved here to be near family I was home again. I gave my two in-town sons their stockings. Now I could mail my son who lives in another city his. I wrapped the last stocking and wrote a tag using the name on the stocking, the name I called him before he went to college and began to use his middle name. I signed it “from the Ghost of Christmas Past”. I took the box to the UPS store to mail, assured it would arrive two days before the holiday. Serendipitously, the cost of the mailing my now brightly wrapped presents was less than paying the stores to gift wrap them. I thought I had come out ahead. The box did arrive on time, but not without another plot twist for me.

While I was tracking the package online, the ASK web site somehow interjected itself into my search and hi-jacked my home page! For three days I tried valiantly to fix things myself to no avail. My apartment is mostly an Internet wasteland, but a young man who understands computers has recently moved in. I called him for help. He cheerfully agreed and fixed it with a few clicks. I was overjoyed! Out of things I caused to go wrong – twice, three good things resulted. And I have made a new friend.

Happy New Year, everyone!