You don't know where you are going. You don't know how to get there. And you arrive just the same. Ghanaian saying

Haiku: Illumination

Darkness before dawn
Old knee creaks language of pain
Candle lights my way


Speed Bump

Six years ago it all began
Sleep-canceling pain in my right knee
No stranger to old-age infirmity
I sought help

I’d only been in town a month
Few physicians on my speed dial yet
An orthopedist seemed a likely choice
My son steered me to one who treated him

The doctor listened to my tale
Proclaimed the problem not my knee at all
Inflamed nerve from spine was sparking pain
His diagnosis was sciatica.

Prescription a dose-pak of pills
Worked like a charm and I could sleep again
My new internist said he has sciatica as well
Calls it a speed bump when pain slows him down

I’ve traveled freely ever since
Until a speed bump’s bad pain road-blocked me
I called my internist to prescribe
Same meds did the trick again.

And here is the part that I love best
The medicine’s generic and so old
It only costs $1.99
Aging has its benefits



Pain is strange company
Currently occupying my mind
Taking hold of my freedom
Bringing fear to my heart.

Last week pain startled, disturbed sleep in the night
Reminding me of before when it was the same
When doctor arrived at my diagnosis
A nerve gone astray and inflamed.

He showed me the x-ray.
Tortuous path of the nerve
Wending its way over curvature
Of spine I didn’t know was there.

He named spinal stenosis as also involved.
Harrowing thought – What could he do?
A course of steroids and some other pill
Set me aright for a while – until.

Old nemesis reappeared – a thief in the dark
That stole my sleep. After two nights of pain
I called a new doctor to seek relief
Earliest appointment for several days later.

And then pain stopped. Puzzlement to me
I showed up for appointment recounted odd tale.
“My dear, that is normal for what bothers you.
Sciatica is your problem. I have it, too.”

“It’s not the end of the line as you fear
But only a speed bump placed in your way.”
Wonderful news I am really fine
I can go back to my “normal”. Hip hip hoorah!