Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Amaryllis Elegy

I’d never had an amaryllis last till Labor Day.
Twelve Christmas flowers of brilliant red bloomed
Then fell away. Three long green stalks and foliage
Lingered all spring and summer time
Then showed their age and needed help
As they leaned into their decay.
Two long-handled wooden spoons
Stuck firmly in the dirt
Supported them for a while
Till even this was not enough
To hold at bay the bulbs’ untimely end.


Writing 201: Poetry – Elegy – The # 6 Bus

I travel back, close my eyes, see you dimly
Pumpkin awaiting, mice all in harness.
You carried me dashing to the dance of a lifetime
Where I was transformed, but not by a prince.

Though tears mist my memories I’ll never forget you.
You showed me a city of people and places
That changed me forever, filled me with adventure.
That person enduring still dreams within me.

In beaming sunshine of nowadays I see us.
I moved away and travel a new route.
You haven’t changed much. I’d know you anywhere
Chicago Transportation, the #6 bus.