Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Haiku: Good Morning, Wednesday

Candle light flickers
Empty coffee cup still warm
Meditation done


Haiku: Elemental Partners

Earth air water fire
Basic elements surround
While I mediate

Candle flame and air
Unite, earth feeds potted plant
Thriving green nearby

Hot water coffee
Stirred, make brew to waken me
Prayers reach heavenward


Symphony of Old and New

The cooling AC softly whirs
New day’s light shining through the trees
Creates a lacy pattern on warm brick wall
Outside my window.

Flame of small red candle flickers
Smell and taste of coffee steaming
Tick of clock hanging on the wall
Companions to begin my morning.

Every day for many years it has been so
Today there’s something new.
Leaf of philodendron on the table by my side
Has on its tip one crystal water drop.