Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Clearing Fog

Clear darkness of the sky
Last night a quarter moon
Summer creatures sing a serenade

At dawn a fog rolls in
Only light the yellow beam
Shining from the hardware store

Blue water of the swimming pool
Now obscured for winter months
By tarpaulin just as blue

I welcome the change
Summer a hard and anxious time
Fear for health of son’s beloved wife

With now the worst behind
As a family they move on
Life reshaped but ever closer drawn

I return to simpler ways
Where poetry lives in daily life
And remains my nourishment


Haiku: Underground Spring

Earth warms in secret
Precious green gifts creating
First crocus pops up


Haiku: Hope in Midst of Change

Pale November sun
Leaves turned dull orange hang from tree
Green house plants abide


Haiku: Best of Two Seasons

Breeze blows through window
Sun rays warm my easy chair
Time for autumn nap


Haiku: Hiding in Plain Sight

Bright autumn colors
Wait beneath summer’s green leaves
Jack Frost’s grand surprise

Dark tresses of youth
Age transforming to silver
Alchemy’s magic

Daily Prompt: Hidden


Haiku: Spring Nudgings

Leaf buds unfurling
Squirrels nip them for dinner
Life cycles in gear

Pool cover removed
We await fresh blue water
Still wearing jackets

Moon in the night sky
Ever waxing and waning
Some things are constant


Haiku: Reflection Pool

Frost touched little tree
Autumn leaves fluttered to ground
Formed crimson puddle


Haiku: Winter Sky Watch

Small patch of pink clouds
Lit by sun just coming up
Previews things to come


Haiku: Another Shade of Autumn

Gray today and drear
Rain obscures bright colored leaves
Monochrome abides


Everyday Inspiration Day Ten: World Outside My Window

Autumn is here and things are a-changing.
At the Greenbriar Apartments that I call my home
I look out at the patio beyond my window
Turquoise tarp covers swimming pool water
Fallen bright yellow leaves drift on tarp’s surface
Swimmers of Summer now only a memory.

Close to my window a tall oak tree my companion
Observers of animal traffic we notice
Squirrels stocking up run along oak tree’s branches
Gathering acorns not yet fallen and leaves for a nest
Below chipmunks scurry toward plant borders for hiding.

Today there’s no sun the air is still
Nobody’s lazing in a lawn chair hoping
To feel warmth while it lasts.
Befuddled wild geese who live here year round
Fly overhead circle back to their pond
Winter’s not here yet. We enjoy this day