Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: New Time Zone

on April 16, 2020

Day without routine
Like a slow dripping faucet
Fills space in due time

Calendar empty
Clock almost irrelevant
I feel oddly free

New problems to solve
Call for creativity
And also good luck

I hit the jackpot
Found browsing Amazon
Large cache of TP

15 responses to “Haiku: New Time Zone

  1. Dale says:

    This is wonderful, Ina.

    And who would have thought toilet paper would make it to so many poems and posts? 😉

  2. Bill Bisgood says:

    Inspiring 😊

  3. Cethru Cellophane says:

    I can just picture the headline in he Plain Dealer (if that paper is still around)
    Bored Woman finds Treasure Trove of TP while cruising Amazon.

    • vivachange77 says:

      That would be a PD – like headline. Yes, the PD is still here. It has home delivery only four days a week. They were struggling even before the coronavirus upheaval. A lovely touch I did not mention is that my TP order arrived on Easter Sunday afternoon.

      • Cethru Cellophane says:

        Ina, I too did not mention tat th reason I know about the PD I that my late Mother-in-law was from Perrysburg just south of Toledo.

  4. vivachange77 says:

    And I think you have lived in either St. Paul or Minneapolis where my son now lives. Small world.

  5. I had a few days holiday over Easter and had that feeling of a lack of structure and not knowing what to do with myself. Fortunately, we now have enough TP!

    • vivachange77 says:

      I have found that over the month I’ve been socially distancing a new routine has found me. I like the open-endedness of things, but I still feel stagnant sometimes. My WordPress community is a wonderfully positive part of my days. Thanks for this conversation.

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