Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: Illumination

on October 15, 2019

Darkness before dawn
Old knee creaks language of pain
Candle lights my way

12 responses to “Haiku: Illumination

  1. Dale says:

    The joys of getting older…
    Lovely, Ina

  2. Poetry is such a healer of our pain or a way of comforting ourselves through it. I have done the same so often.

  3. Eileen says:

    My old knee is creaking in sympathy

  4. You make the trails of getting old sound poetic Ina!

  5. This was beautiful. Even in darkness light will always lead the way.

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