Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Meatloaf Mystery Resolved

on December 15, 2018

The other day as the word game ladies and I were playing our ever-fascinating game our friend Thelma joined us. She sat down next to me and asked about the frozen dinners she had left for me in my freezer. It was a totally unreal moment! I had begun to despair of ever unravelling the mystery.

My first question was how had she gotten into my apartment. Thelma replied that she rang my bell and then knocked. When I didn’t answer she turned the knob and found my door unlocked. She walked in and put the bag of meatloaf dinners in my freezer. OK. Then I asked her why she had brought me the meatloaf dinners. She told me that since our word game friend Mary had entered Hospice and moved into a nursing home, her daughter Carol was in the process of cleaning out her mother’s apartment. Carol found the frozen dinners and wondered what to do with them. Thelma had stopped by to help Carol and suggested that I might like the dinners. She knew that Mary and I share a love of Lean Cuisine and offered to take them to me. So Thelma put them in my freezer intending to let me know they were from Mary but forgot as she moved on with her day. If I had not just come from shopping and was putting away groceries when I found the mysterious blue bag of meatloaf dinners, I might not have been so unsettled and also sure that there was no way I had put the dinners in my freezer. I am relieved to know that I did not, and will continue to count on myself to remove groceries from the plastic bags before putting them away. Now I have a new action to worry about that I was certain I would never do. I would have sworn that I always lock my door when I leave home.

22 responses to “Meatloaf Mystery Resolved

  1. I was sure there was a secret meatloaf gifter!!! I’m so glad the mystery was resolved 🙂

  2. Luanne says:

    Yes, not locking the door is a bigger problem!

  3. Eric Alagan says:

    Mystery solved and as they say, fact can be stranger than fiction.

    Now, to solve the mystery of the unlocked door. Because it was a habit and no way could Ina have left the door unlocked. Unless…

    A neighbour had a spare key made for her door. The woman’s daughter was coming to house-sit for her and required a spare key. It was that woman who mistakenly came to Ina’s door.

    She inserted the new key but, after jiggling it for some time, left disappointed. The door would not open.

    The woman did not know the lock clicked at the first turn of the key. She had tried to open an already opened door.

    ‘Amazing, Mr Holmes.’

    ‘Elementary, my dear Watson. It was simply a matter of reviewing the CCTV.’

    ‘But there isn’t any CCTV, Mr Holmes.’

    ‘Oh dear me. Back to the drawing board then.’

    Eric (aka Wannabe Sherlock Holmes)

    • vivachange77 says:

      Wonderful solution, Eric. Much better than mine that I have been too stressed lately to remember things. That morning I was hurrying to get to the grocery and home before the snow began to fall. I no longer drive after I lost vision in one eye several years ago. I have to measure my trips to the grocery by the weather report. That morning the snow began just after I left the store for home.

  4. Dale says:

    How comforting t know you are not losing your mind…
    As for the door. I know it’s a scary thing but don’t stress over that one. It happens to the best of us.

  5. I thought for sure it was Santa! But I guess it kind of was!

  6. Wow, that would be unsettling. And wow, you have nice friends ^_^

  7. Resa says:

    Lock your door! OR… give up meatloaf?

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