You don't know where you are going. You don't know how to get there. And you arrive just the same. Ghanaian saying


on July 2, 2018

My blog announces I’ll explore
The poetry of every day
Newly I have found alas
My everyday has changed

First I blamed my muse
Lazy creature distant
Unavailable to inspire
Or to awaken me

The tree outside my window
And the view
Clouds in dawning sky
Tell me no tales

Family life is bubbling
A stew of new developments
Demands attention
And my energy

Changes unpoetical I think
Call for language spoken best in prose
Stories full of life and real
Ah, my muse awaits me just off stage

12 responses to “Adjustments

  1. I look forward to more of your stories, in whatever form they find themselves

  2. I love reading what you write and hope to see more! I love hearing about the view out of your window, the sky and squirrels!

  3. Dale says:

    I so admire people who can write poetry like this…
    And so very glad to know you will be writing even more!

  4. can’t wat to read about those bubblings

  5. Your observations of what a day can look like are so vivid that it matters not the choice of presentation. So enjoyable/so real. Thank you.

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