Exploring the poetry of everyday life


on June 24, 2018

The setting was a business meeting
On a hot summer day the AC chilling the air
I must have shivered a bit
In response the gentleman arose
Crossed the room and wordlessly returned
To drape across my shoulders a soft, white shawl.

Quiet courtesy yet so much more to me
When had anyone made me feel so comforted?
Time out of mind when I was young perhaps
And took such things for granted
Now it was a gift beyond compare
To make an Elder Woman feel beloved.

12 responses to “Reverie

  1. Ohhhhhh…what a lovely moment!

  2. I love it – I was brought up to act similarly – so were most of my generation – but this modern world…..

  3. Love the softness here. I can almost feel it.

  4. So sweet and well deserved

  5. vivachange77 says:

    Thank you, Lynn. It was a lovely moment.

  6. Indeed these are times in our lives when those small acts of kindness mean so very much. So well expressed in your words. Thank you.

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