Observations of an Octogenarian


on June 14, 2017

My AC is broken, not cycling cool air
On this monstrously hot day
Sweat doesn’t cool but reminds me
I’ve a talent to reclaim

Long hot southern summers
With no air conditioning.
A back yard with pecan trees
Taught me how to catch breezes.

I sat by a window not moving a muscle
Getting lost in book-reading
Words were my magic carpet
Fanning  air as it flew.

Today by my window
Oak tree leaves transport me
A slight wind brings coolness
Settling round my feet.

10 responses to “Recycling

  1. I love this Ina, the way you transition from the technological solution to the natural one and all the memories that accompany it.

  2. I used to do that…thanks for the memories!

  3. Victo Dolore says:

    Acclimation is a double edge sword. May you get the unit fixed pronto! Loved the poem! 🙂

  4. Christy B says:

    The descriptions here are swirling around me like the wind… Beautiful xx

  5. delightful to read and remember

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