Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: Coin’s Sides

School year is over
Breakfast grapefruit was sour
Summer’s upon us

Turn on the AC
Cool air flows delightfully
If not try Freon

Now I remember
Yin and yang of the seasons
Always a mixed bag


Haiku: Linguistic Conundrum

Forklift, tuning fork
Dinner fork, fork in the road
Lizard’s forked tongue.

Ponder shape of “y”
Common bond between these words
What then is a fork?

Based on Daily Prompt for May 27 – Fork.


Haiku: Promise Delivered

Soft breeze and bright sun
Sounds of birds and lawn mower
Pool water sparkling

Seems like forever
Winds of winter entrapped us
Prisoners to snow.

Now out come swimsuits
Garden furniture beckons
Sweet summer’s arrived.


Haiku: Art of Forgetting

My brain is wrinkled
From much mis-remembering
Things once so well-known

Shadowy landscapes
Appear in uncertainty
When facts fade away

Rich new tales recreating
Child-like comes to play


Fare Forward

Railroad tracks stretch toward distant horizon.
People trudge slowly in search of refuge
Fleeing enslavement, violent warfare and hunger
The aged and children bewildered by journey.
All joined as one body keep moving forward.

Some go by sea herded in wave-washed boats sinking.
People shiver from fear and drenching cold water
Wrenching cries pierce the air around them.
On the beach drowned little boy attests mutely
To what no human should have to endure.

My grandmothers heart is near to breaking.
Poems, prayers and armies are not enough
To heal the lost people who seek sanctuary
To bind up the wounds the world’s children inherit.
God save the children.


Haiku: Balancing Act

Janus-faced, two views.
Looking back, gazing ahead
Panoramic sight.

Comes a time in life
Years behind grow numerous
Tilt balance toward past.

Seesaw-like what’s up
View of future, contemplate
Time of less is more.



Awaiting arrival of long-desired boat
People stand on the shore.
Leaving behind life as they knew it
They carry  bags packed full of history
Seeking a shining bright freedom ahead.
They board the ship.

Their craft crosses the rough wave-tossed water
Suffering great miseries the people endure.
Following dreams they sail ever forward
Toward a new world they will someday create
Their vessel plows onward.
Hope is their lode-star.

At journey’s end a lady awaits them
Lifting torch skyward, she beams a welcome.
In reply  people lift up their children
Heirs of the future they long have dreamed of.
People disembark to tune of new song
Greeting sweet land of liberty.


Ode To A Duck

Oh! Look at you, you web-footed wonder
Sun making brilliant your splendid green helmet.
Parting pond water you glide through the lilies.
Seeking your dinner you turn acrobatic
Head tips under water, tail feathers point skyward
You’ve spied tiny fishes that suit your palate.
You take to the air for postprandial flying
Loudly you quack, sound unmistakable.
You begin your descent to land on the water
Braking, your web-feet send up a spray
Water droplets turned rainbows by slant of the sun.
You swim to shore and waddle away.
Dear Brother Duck, to you a good day.