Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: Altered Plans

on April 3, 2016

April-foolish trick
Snow last night a fairyland
Turned to ice today

Sidewalk crackling sounds
Signal walk at your own risk
Wise to wait for spring

16 responses to “Haiku: Altered Plans

  1. JoHanna Massey says:

    You really captured exactly this not quite spring time.

    I have been scanning some old photos, and there was one of Cathedral Rock covered in snow in April, some many years ago. I decided to wait a few more weeks before moving the house plants onto the patio.

    Thank you.
    May your day be a peaceful one. 🌵

  2. vivachange77 says:

    Good idea to wait to move house plants with this unpredictable weather. The apartment manager here decided to put out the patio furniture this past week and now it looks forlorn with snow on it.

  3. jabrush1213 says:

    True reminder of Spring time that has come. Although, where I am there is still a little bit of snow.

  4. Lovely, we have had 60’s then snow, hail, sun again! Love this haiku

  5. We often get a little snow in April just to make sure it isn’t a clear run to spring 🙂 So far just a few tiny sprinkles, I hope spring returns for you soon.

  6. InfiniteZip says:

    well I am enjoying the warmth here and not missing the cruel April fools weather up North…fell on the ice one too many times…still feel aches just thinking about it 🙂

  7. hbsuefred says:

    We have been told by neighbors to never expect the last frost to occur before April 15, a date which is easy to remember! Right now, looks we’re neck and neck for that to happen this year as weather forecast does not predict temps below freezing through this week. I’m sure they’re a little fearful, as I am, to look much past that “magical” date.

    • vivachange77 says:

      Best wishes for the last freeze to be on time. 🙂

      • hbsuefred says:

        Well, I waited until “the coast was clear.” It’s been four days now since 4/15 with nary an icy droplet or surface particle to be seen, even since earlier last week, if I recall correctly. Matter of fact, it’s been darn near summerlike here for the past week or so, and thankfully w/o the standard Southern summertime humidity. Husband even said it reminds him of CA weather, which is the main thing I miss since moving away from there. I am basking in it, at least spiritually if not as much physically!

      • vivachange77 says:

        Wonderful! Enjoy your warm days. Spiritual basking is the best.

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