Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Haiku: Morning Forecast

Half moon, single star
Shine in darkness before dawn
Signal sunny day.


Haiku: “S” Words

Sprinklings and smidgens
And all sorts of smatterings
Inhabit small world.


Haiku: Stage Fright

Gray clouds scurry east
Making way for star of show
Faint pink glows in wings.


Haiku: Fashion Show

Dawn sky flaunts new style
Coloring outside the lines
Pink flung everywhere.



It came upon me, pulled me back
Writer eclipsed by other selves.
Grandmother, mom, budget minder
Guardian of aging body
Existing in a prose-bound life.

I eked out a few haiku
Just to see the gift was there
But not enough to spur me on.
Trusty dawn sky stripes of pink
Nowhere seen in dull gray clouds.

Family drama for a while
Filled my heart, took energy.
Found new friend to minister
To some health related needs.
Things were smoothing out.

Then from the blue a whammy day.
Son lost job. I might lose tooth.
I was surprised to feel peace.
Son had long feared he’d be fired.
Second shoe dropped. New start ahead.

As for my tooth, a close call
Root canal did the trick.
Today I write prosaic stuff
In poetic verse of sorts.
I learn to write I must just write.


Haiku: Behind the Curtain

Vigil for dawn sky
Candle flickers, clock ticks time
Coffee warms waiting.


Haiku: Dawn Sky Costume Change

Flaming pink at dawn.
Lovely teaser flirts with me
Then dons somber gray.


Enhanced Resolution 2016

My world is shrinking to fit my size
No more travels far and wide
Less is more put to the test.
Resolved, I receive more than I can give
With expectation I look ahead.

Quick enough a challenge came.
Doctor found upon my back
Basal cell cancers he would remove.
Procedure for me is old hat
But how to manage the bandage change?

Clearly I cannot by myself
I will have to ask for help.
Foreign to my can-do soul
I accept what must be done
I’ll ask my friends.

At home with foreign destinations
I stalled at walking down the hall
To knock on doors to state my quest
To apartment neighbors on my floor.
Five lovely women all said “yes”.

With zip-lock bag of necessaries
I appear to bare my back
To ministrations while we talk.
Novel way for back-fence chats
To bring us close.


Haiku: Dawn Sky – A New Wrinkle

Foreboding gray sky
White streak squiggles through the clouds
Monochrome today.


Haiku: Morning Fanfare

Bright pink bolt strikes chord
Drowned out by following rain
Dawn disharmony.