Observations of an Octogenarian

Limerick: Changing My Tune

on October 9, 2015

To me writing poetry is glorious
Sometimes possibly meritorious.
Venturing from my zone
A new skill to hone
I fear I won’t be victorious.

Written in response to The Seeker’s Dungeon Prompt – Stepping Out of Our Comfort Zone

16 responses to “Limerick: Changing My Tune

  1. jabrush1213 says:

    A well done limerick.

  2. If writing poetry is glorious, be glorious. And leave off the lamenting part. Somebody will always write better than all of us.

  3. Yes! Love it. You are victorious. Great response to the prompt.

  4. Karuna says:

    I’m glad you did it and became victorious!

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