Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Writing 101- Resetting

on September 22, 2015

Starting over is basic to solving computer problems. I restart my computer to clear confused loops. When my TV stops streaming a movie I unplug router and modem and count to fifteen. My printer can’t talk to my computer. Unplugging clears the way. I wish we could re-set our world.

9 responses to “Writing 101- Resetting

  1. J Lapis says:

    You and I both, friend πŸ™‚

  2. If you find the plug, let me know. I’ll help you!!

  3. tomrains says:

    Breathe in, breathe out.
    Take a nap.
    Listen to a nice song.
    Go on a Sunday outing.
    My best ways to reset.
    But resetting the whole world would be much nicer. πŸ™‚

  4. Jay E. says:

    I’m typing this on the first day of Fall; I always feel the world resets on the first day of Fall.

  5. vivachange77 says:

    I too think that Fall is when things really begin. I guess we never lose that going back to school feeling.

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