Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Read the Label Carefully

I am told that I’m a WASP
And, yes, I’m those four things.
But I am so much more,
And thank God I’ve got wings.

I thought a WASP was rich,
A male who wore Gray Flannel suits.
My mother told me never mind
Ancestral portraits graced our walls.

That’s all it took, she said,
And silver spoons with monograms
Not in our mouths
But in a silver chest.

So then I’m a Southern WASP.
Sent to a privileged all girls school
I quickly learned how money talks
Not in my mother’s tongue.

Oh me, where do I fit?
I’ll strike out on my own.
To mine the riches in this world
That can’t be sold or bought.

To delve inside myself
To find the single spark
Of fire that gives me life
And shines on in the dark.

A heart of love, song of faith
And anger deep and true
To penetrate the labels cruel
Which separate me from you.


Weekly Haiku Challenge Number 15: Promise and Gift

Promise – future tense.
Pledge in faith to hold in trust.
Gift bears present fruit.


Daily Prompt :The Time Is Now

When did I realize I’m not immortal? What was my reaction?

I’ve never given immortality much thought. Nor do I think much about dying. My mother died when I was in my mid thirties, and my father two years later. They were in their mid sixties. When I passed that age marker myself I felt time open up with unlimited possibilities. My second husband and I accomplished the tasks of retiring – signing up for social security and our pensions, made wills, joined the cremation society and such. That was twelve years ago. Now we’re divorced and any joint plans we made are moot. I moved to live near my family and created a full, rich new life for myself. He remarried and is happy.

To me the present is what is real and dependable. I don’t bother with making long-range plans, aside from planning trips. I’m aware that I will die some day, but it seems a long way off. I’m in good health. I trust my body to the aging process and my soul to God. I grow more at peace as I age. I don’t think immortality is all it’s cracked up to be. I’m happy with today.


Haiku: Leaves and Summer

Leaves fall, branches bare
Trace brown fingers cross the sky.
Summer’s art replaced.


Happy Birthday Haiku to My Grandson

James now aged thirteen Brave fencer and sailor free Loves gourmet dining. James with his quick mind Curiosity leading Loves solving riddles. James with loving heart Eyes noticing obstacles Keeps Grandma upright.


Saturday – A Haiku

Week’s loose ends still frayed.
Will I choose to unravel,
Slip knots into ease?


Haiku: Spirit and Flight

Spirit wind rushes
Imagination soars free.
My heart opens wide.


Weekly Haiku Challenge: Number Thirteen – Harvest and Fallow

Brown fields of winter
Enriched with promise hidden.
Gathered sheaves next fall.

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Haiku: Chaos and Grace

Out of the Big Bang
Mysterious Milky Way.
Stars twinkle for us.


Autumn’s Second Act

Autumn days filled with sunshine
Abundant and warm.
A time to hold on to,
Enjoy while they last.

Soft hints of nostalgia
Crept into my bones.
Tingeing the pleasure
Of summer remembered.

Yet today something’s different.
I feel a new impetus
To stop and to celebrate
The splendor of change.