Sometimes everything has to be enscribed across the heavens so you can find the one line already written inside you. Sometimes it takes a great sky to find that small, bright, and indescribable wedge of freedom in your own heart. David Whyte

Transforming Drumbeat

Lately my feet have been dragging
My right knee is almost worn down
Saw doctor about a replacement
Seems I am not ready now

A year has gone by marked by COVID19
Knee hears unconventional  drumbeat 
Its pops and crackles create a weird tune
Without any rhythm at all

Lately I've listened to this cry of alarm
Made an appointment to have things checked out
Began  exploring possible treatments
Tiptoeing to my marching song

I knew  today that I'm moving on
When I was beginning to wonder
 How to check my walker on an airplane
A sign my old zest has returned


Moody Weather

Cloudy sky and rain
Spring showing her underside
Darkening spirits

Wakeup Call

Fresh and gentle rain

Seeping into soil

Springtime reveille


Spring Break

Little blue egg cracks

Baby bird seeks freedom’s way

Oh joy I am Sprung


Haiku: Seasonal Progression

To celebrate Spring

Oak tree wears golden tassels

Squirrel awaits next act


Haiku: Morning Music

Birdsong starts my day
Windchimes tinkle like silver
Tea kettle whistles
Spoon clicks sides of mug 
Stirs coffee, cream and sugar
Sighs of  contentment


Strange New/Old Classic

After receiving expert guidance I think I’m here. But still nothing is familiar. I’ll try to decipher the symbols.

It has a mind of its own not compatible with my writing style. My muse is hiding.


Foggy B(l)ogging

Searching for answers

Classic Editor my question

Still an enigma

Don’t know where to go

Much less how I can get there

Doubtful I’ll arrive


Where Is Everything?

Nothing looks the same

An April Fool’s surprise

Word Press gone awry?


Holiday Message 2020

A strange year just passed shaped by COVID19
Not in sync with my usual Christmas card message
Wearing masks for distancing safe but not jolly
Constant hand washing causes skin to dry out

A tragic time for U.S. and the world
Overwhelming death counts and grieving survivors
Occupy daily news headlines and stories
Businesses closed devastate the economy

Virtual school classes and all sorts of Zooming
Afford us necessary human connections
Neighbors helping neighbors and kindness of strangers
Testify that love still sheds a warm light

Holiday time is simply amazing
The arts are creating novel celebrations
Human spirit surges to reaffirm season
God’s gift of new life evergreen