Exploring the poetry of everyday life

Haiku: Fashion Show

Pink stripes this morning
Two strands adorning the sky
Autumn finery


Haiku: Census Update

Geese now number nine
Snacking in the vacant lot
Honked as I walked by


Senryu: A Revelation

Charmed by the brief form
Inspired by life’s happenings
Wrote many Haiku

Then I awoke to
Expanded definition –
A “human” Haiku

Perfect description
Poetry I’ve been writing
Instead is Senryu.

With appreciation to Colleen Chesebro who teaches me good things


Haiku: Third Time a Charm

New modem required
So said cable company
It came in the mail

Also cable box.
Cable guy to the rescue
My problems were small

Three long hours passed
He pronounced all in good shape –
Until the next day

When it became clear
Impossible to record
Why have a TV?

Different guy sent
Seems original box wrong
Installed another

Now I could record.
Problems solved I watched TV
Then after four days

No picture on screen.
Third guy came with his tool box
Things were looking up.

He wasted no time
Found ancient cable splitter
Replaced it. Voila!

With my apologies to the traditional Haiku form


Haiku: Best of Two Seasons

Breeze blows through window
Sun rays warm my easy chair
Time for autumn nap


Haiku: Incidental Music

Sun beams strum the chords
Telephone wires are humming
Fanfare to morning


Haiku: Autumn Pallette

Red cheeks of apples
Gray squirrels a-scurrying
Bright flaming orange leaves

Blue skies overhead
Soft green grass still a-growing
Crazy quilt glory

In Response to Daily Prompt: Glorious


Haiku: Population Report

I’ve described before
Peculiar phenomena
Year-round geese neighbors

To their small gaggle
Two geese added a new friend
Geese now a threesome


Breaking Camp

Summer is slowly pulling up stakes
Bombarding acorns ping loudly
On iron patio tables
The weather grows chilly
Heat for the pool turned off for the season
Time for our word game to move indoors

Dear Belle who’s now gone
Kept our things in her closet
Pillows that cushioned the hard iron chairs
Red bag of stones that held down cards when the wind blew
Now need new lodgings until summer returns
Cards stay with us to play word games inside

As a call went out for winter storage
I searched my apartment and found just the thing
A shelf high in a cabinet I cannot reach
Empty and waiting to be filled with the promise
Of summer and joy of word games with friends
Also  memories of the season just passed


Haiku: Silvery Light

Full moon in night sky
Behind shadowed tree branches
Sets me to dreaming